The Economics of Journal Publishing


Case study: Ecology

Prices and publishers

Who publishes the top tier?

Cumulative plots

Estimating circulation

Journal numbers over time

Comparing other fields

Prices and publishers across disciplines

Cumulative plots across disciplines

Top science journals


Economics of ecology journals

Will open access be able to compete?

Costs and benefits of site licenses

Electronic subscriptions: A boon for whom?

Value and price by journal

Contact Information

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Journal pricing across disciplines

Field For-profit Non-profit For-profit Non-profit
Ecology $1.19 $0.19 $0.73 $0.05
Economics $0.81 $0.16 $2.33 $0.15
Atmos. Sci. $0.95 $0.15 $0.88 $0.07
Mathematics $0.70 $0.27 $1.32 $0.28
Neuroscience $0.89 $0.10 $0.23 $0.04
Physics $0.63 $0.19 $0.38 $0.05

Citation data are from the Institute for Scientific Information's Journal Citation Reports. Journal listings, prices, and page data are taken from the following sources: Carl Bergstrom's study of the year 2000 ecology journals, Ted Bergstrom's study of year 2000 economics journals, the American Mathematical Association's survey of year 2000 mathematics journals, Carey and Gould's survey of year 1999 atmospheric sciences journals, and Soete and Salaba's analyses of the year 1998 neuroscience journals and physics journals.

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Last modified September 4, 2002
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