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Cross-field comparison: prices, pages, and publisher types

In the previous case-study, we saw that for-profit journals tend to be more expensive per-page than are non-profit or jointly-owned journals. Examination of six fields - ecology, economics, atmospheric sciences, mathematics, neurobiology, and physics - reveals a very similar pattern in each discipline.

Price versus pages across fields
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Indeed, average price per page - shown in the table below - differs dramatically across publisher types. These differences are consistant across in all six fields studied.

Field (year, # journals) For-profit Joint Non-profit
Ecology (2000, n=78) $1.19 $0.70 $0.19
Economics (2000, n=156) $0.81 $0.42 $0.16
Atmos. Sci. (1999, n=34) $0.95 $0.15
Mathematics (2000, n=171) $0.70 $0.27
Neuroscience (1997, n=71) $0.89 $0.10
Physics (1997, n=93) $0.63 $0.19

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