The Economics of Journal Publishing


Case study: Ecology

Prices and publishers

Who publishes the top tier?

Cumulative plots

Estimating circulation

Journal numbers over time

Comparing other fields

Prices and publishers across disciplines

Cumulative plots across disciplines

Top science journals


Economics of ecology journals

Will open access be able to compete?

Costs and benefits of site licenses

Electronic subscriptions: A boon for whom?

Value and price by journal

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Data on changing library expenditures

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) website is an excellent source of statistics on all aspects of the operation of its member librariers (many of the large research libraries in North America). The figures that we quote on serials acquisitions and serials prices quote come from the ARL's statistics on monograph and serial costs and total expenditures. The ARL prices and expenditures are measured in current unadjusted dollars. To account for inflation, we can convert these to constant dollars, we using the consumer price index.

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