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We use mathematical models and computer simulations to study how information flows through the world.

Our work on these questions leads us through evolutionary biology, animal behavior, philosophy of biology, network theory, epidemiology, and even into domains of the social sciences such as economics and bibliometrics.


January 29, 2016 Mathematical biologist Kevin Gross will be spending the next few months as a sabbatical visitor to our lab.

November 23, 2015. Ranking millions of scholarly article from 30Gb of metadata, Team Eigenfactor -- Carl Bergstrom, Jevin West, and Ian Wesley-Smith -- placed 2nd worldwide, first in North America in Microsoft Research's WSDM Cup Challenge.

September 13th, 2015. PhD student Ryan McGee has joined the group. Welcome to Seattle, Ryan!

September 5th, 2015. University of New South Wales mathematical biologist Mark Tanaka is here for a two week visit.

September 3rd, 2015. More on our work with Molly King, Shelley Correll, and Jennifer Jacquet, this time at Science magazine's careers blog.

August 25th, 2015. Inside Higher Education has as story on our collaborative work with Molly King, Shelley Correll and Jennifer Jacquet on gender and self-citation.